The Department of Government Support has issued housing policies for Abu Dhabi government employees, outlining allowances, terms and conditions, as well as defining a unified framework for implementation across all government entities. 

The regulation applies to all UAE and non-UAE national employees who work in Abu Dhabi government entities and companies and was issued as part of Abu Dhabi government’s ongoing commitment to provide employees with a wide range of housing options to enhance productivity, maintain health and safety, support family and social lives, and reduce traffic congestion and accidents.

The regulation states UAE national employees who live in Abu Dhabi are entitled to their full housing allowance in line with their job grade.

Non-UAE national employees who own a residential property in Abu Dhabi will, for the first time, receive the same annual housing stipend they would have been entitled to if they were renting. Non-UAE employees renting a property in Abu Dhabi will be entitled to an annual housing rent stipend in line with their job grade, paid directly to the landlord.

The policies also state the education allowance for eligible employees, as per their employing entity’s HR policies, will be paid for children who attend schools within the emirate.

The policies have been developed by the Human Resources Authority based on benchmarks and studies it has conducted. HRA will organise workshops for government entities and will respond to all inquiries related to the regulation to ensure efficient and effective implementation. It aims to achieve development aspirations, while empowering human capital in Abu Dhabi government by increasing the level of job satisfaction and happiness.

Employees have one year from the date of issuing the policy to ensure their status meets the policy requirements.