More than 1,500 farms were certified by Abu Dhabi Good Agricultural Practices (AD G.A.P.), the local version of the Global Good Agricultural Practices Program (GLOBALGAP), in 2022.

Of the certified farms, 751 (48.9 per cent) are from Al Ain region, 521 (33.9 per cent) from Al Dhafra Region, and 264 (17.2 per cent) from Abu Dhabi region.

Certified farms are granted the ADG.A.P. Certificate, an internationally accredited certificate, which ensures added value to 44 certified farm products. Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) exerts all efforts to implement good agricultural practices to ensure food safety and security, sustainable environmental management and maintain the welfare of farm workers.

All ADG.A.P. Certified farms will receive advice and guidance from the ADAFSA agriculture extension team to improve farm infrastructure, covering fruit and vegetable handling areas, water reservoirs, plant protection products and chemical storage facilities. Additionally, farm workers will be trained in all technical aspects of crop production, including food and environmental safety, biosecurity, produce traceability, and farm workers’ health and welfare.

ADAFSA was granted the rights to issue certification for adherence to the standards of GLOBALGAP (based in Germany), whereby it can grant GAP Certificate to conforming farms of Abu Dhabi in accordance with the general rules and the local standards of the Abu Dhabi Good Agricultural Practices Program (AD G.A.P.). The ADG.A.P. certified producers, their farm details and certification status are available on the GLOBALGAP database.

ADAFSA also signed an agreement with GLOBALGAP whereby it is granted the right to issue ADG.A.P. certificates, a national model that facilitates farmers to apply international standards cost-effectively and in a manner that suits farming environments and meets the conditions and agricultural sustainability requirements in Abu Dhabi.

The accreditation body audits, inspects and conducts evaluations on production processes and follows up on the practices applied in the farms of Abu Dhabi, verifying compliance with the general rules and standards of ADG.A.P. before issuing a certificate approved by GLOBALGAP.