Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) has launched the Conversations in Preserving Public Funds initiative, a series of filmed interviews with pioneers representing various government entities in Abu Dhabi.

The interviews share the mandate, vision, initiatives and actions taken by their entities to safeguard and optimise the efficient use of public funds and assets, ensuring sustainability that will contribute to the development and progress of Abu Dhabi’s economy.

ADAA developed the initiative to emphasise the engagement of government entities and their responsibility to instil the values of integrity, accountability, and transparency to strengthen a government administration system that optimises the utilisation of public resources, and ensures a sustainable and prosperous future for present and future generations.

An Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority spokesperson said: "The launch of Conversations in Preserving Public Funds, a series of filmed interviews, will be published on ADAA social media platforms and on the accounts of various entities. The authority aims to highlight the importance of the role of government entities by working in partnership with us to achieve the goal of raising awareness of safeguarding public funds. By collaborating with government entities, we are encouraging them to accept this shared noble responsibility to achieve our common goals for a safeguarded future.”

The initiative is part of Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority's efforts to build partnerships based on mutual trust and cooperation with the government sector and to strengthen these partnerships through initiatives that raise awareness of the values of good governance practices, find ways to address financial and administrative indiscretions, as well as promote the principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

It also highlights efforts by ADAA, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, to launch several initiatives to protect the wealth of the nation and encourage utilisation of its resources.