Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has partnered with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to create a secure electronic information-sharing system to collect and analyse marine water quality data to enhance environmental monitoring and conservation efforts across Abu Dhabi's coastal areas.

The information-sharing system will make it possible for ADNOC to share comprehensive and up-to-date marine water quality data with EAD to monitor changes in environmental conditions and assess the impact of human activities on coastal ecosystems. The data will enable EAD to respond quickly and effectively to potential environmental threats. The system will also facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among different stakeholders, to allow a unified approach to environmental protection and conservation.

Faisal Al Hammadi, Executive Director of the Environmental Quality Sector at EAD, said: “We are always pleased to collaborate with our strategic partner, ADNOC, with whom we have worked on a series of successful sustainability projects. This new project will provide us with additional information that will enhance the accuracy of marine water quality data. It will also help us collect, analyse and share information about the state of marine water in Abu Dhabi.

“The project’s benefits are manifold, offering improved environmental protection, in alignment with the vision and aspirations of our leadership. With access to marine water quality data, we at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi can promptly respond to potential pollution incidents and take preventive measures, helping to better protect marine ecosystems and public health. We believe in data-driven decision-making, therefore the reliable and up-to-date shared data will enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of decision-making processes related to environmental policies and conservation efforts.

“The data-linking system will also foster collaboration between government entities and industries, promoting a more coordinated and unified approach to environmental sustainability. By monitoring and addressing environmental concerns, it supports Abu Dhabi's commitment to sustainable development, ensuring economic growth while safeguarding the environment. This robust environmental data-sharing programme showcases Abu Dhabi as a forward-thinking and responsible entity in environmental conservation, enhancing its global reputation as a leader in sustainability.”

Amir Gerges, Chief Health, Safety and Environment Officer, at ADNOC, said: “This new partnership with EAD builds on ADNOC’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Together with EAD, we will monitor key data parameters in water quality and assess the overall health of marine life across Abu Dhabi’s coastal areas. This will inform environmental policies and regulations and enable swift response to environmental emergencies, minimising potential impacts on coastal areas and marine life.”

EAD’s Enviroportal will be used to illustrate and portray data to ensure secure and efficient data transmission between EAD and ADNOC The portal provides access to environmental data points such as geology, soils, flora, fauna, marine habitats, and protected zones within Abu Dhabi.