Al Ain Zoo’s reintroduction efforts and conservation programmes of the Arabian Oryx have resulted in the population of more than 300 Arabian Oryx. The ongoing initiatives and programmes aim to support Abu Dhabi’s preservation efforts that are inspired by the conservation legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed.

Since the establishment of an Arabian Oryx population in Al Ain Zoo 47 years ago, the zoo has implemented several development and conservation initiatives specifically tailored to the species. There have been diverse improvements in various aspects of Arabian Oryx management, aiming to enhance their wellbeing, standardise breeding management, and align veterinary management practices with international standards.

The zoo has also donated more than 100 Arabian Oryx for local and regional reintroduction projects. Performing comprehensive DNA analysis on the entire herd to enhance and optimise their breeding management.

The zoo conducts exchange projects and genetic studies to assess the genetic value of Arabian Oryx populations. These efforts underscore Al Ain Zoo’s dedication to implementing best practices in managing Arabian Oryx and other species under its care.

The Arabian Oryx holds a key position within the zoo, both as one of its earliest founding animals and as a symbol of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's efforts in preserving the rare species from extinction since the 1970s. In honouring his legacy, Al Ain Zoo aims to continue its commitment to wildlife conservation and preservation for future generations.