The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) delivered 449 specialized training workshops for farm owners and workers across Abu Dhabi during the last three months. The workshops aimed at preparing farm participants for the new farming season, raising their awareness about the best farming practices, helping increase farm productivity and improve local production quality. The training workshops also focused on palm tree cultivation, as they coincided with its harvest season.

About 9,390 participants from different Arab and Asian nationalities have joined the workshops. They have received practical training in Arabic, Urdu and English, to help them understand training materials.

Coinciding with the most prominent farming-related operations in the emirate, the annual training delivered to farm owners and workers is one of the most important extension programs offered by ADAFSA throughout the year. The program aims at promoting the best farming practices and increasing agricultural production efficiency, thus meeting Abu Dhabi government's aspirations to ensure agricultural sustainability in emirate's farms. 

To ensure covering farms in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra, the training was delivered by ADAFSA's extension engineers working in 26 agricultural extension centers. The training covered pest control, irrigation, palm and fruit trees, good agricultural practices, open-field, protected and organic farms.

The training addressed 21 farming-related topics based on trainee needs. In the field of palm trees, for example, the training addressed ways to control palm pests and the most important operations while planting and harvesting trees. Establishing of an orchard, grafting and pruning fruit trees are among topics discussed in the training workshops. In addition to reviewing ways to improve irrigation networks and management, the training highlighted ways to increase production in open-field, protected and organic farms, including agricultural fertilizers, fertilization methods, land preparation and crop management in greenhouses.

ADAFSA seeks to transfer knowledge and experience to farm owners and workers by developing their skills and introducing them to the most important agricultural practices, thus improving farm productivity and increasing farmers' income.