The Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE) has introduced Credit-Bearing Micro-Credentials (CBMCs) for in-service educators and professionals seeking to enhance their teaching skills and enrich their teaching practices, as well as the upcoming admissions date for the 2023 fall semester.

Micro-Credentials are designed to advance educators' skills and knowledge with practice-based and research-informed courses extracted from the ECAE’s Master of Education and Innovation Program. Educators are now able to study Level 9 QFEmirates Micro-Credentials: Teaching and Technology Integration for Learning, Child Development and Play-based Learning and Promoting Literacy, STEM Learning and Well-being in Inclusive Early Years Setting.

During the CBMCs, students will learn innovative pedagogies that promote independent learning including play-based learning, assessments for learning, dialogic teaching and promoting metacognition.

These credits are stackable and transferable, with each contributing to the ECAEs Master's Degree Program and creating a clear path for educators to follow. CMBCs provide a manageable approach to achieving a Master's Degree by completing smaller modules, learners can transfer credits over time and build a strong foundation of knowledge.

Dr. May Al Taee, Vice Chancellor of the Emirate College for Advanced Education, said: “We encourage and invite any educator committed to transforming the education sector in the UAE to enroll in the new Credit Bearing Micro Credentials. With the introduction of credit-bearing micro-credentials, we unlock a world of possibilities and create new career trajectory for lifelong learners. These micro credentials are the steppingstones that empower learners to navigate the future with confidence, equipping them with specialised skills that create pathways to success.”

CMBCs are offered in blended online and in-person classes, allowing in-service educators to better manage their professional and academic lives. Additionally, Emirati students will be eligible to receive a scholarship to study at the ECAE, while flexible payment plans are available for international students. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications to secure their place this fall.

For more information and to apply, please visit ECAE's official website at