The Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE) has concluded its 10th Annual Autism Day event, which was aligned with Autism Awareness Month. The event aimed to raise social awareness among students living with autism, and highlight future learning opportunities and best practices for educators.

Since 2014, the annual event aims to reflect ECAE’s mission to involve the UAE community in fostering a more inclusive and supportive education sector, by focusing on elevating social awareness among students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), while spotlighting future learning opportunities and best practices for educators in the UAE and beyond.

Dr May AlTaee, Vice Chancellor at ECAE, said: “Our Autism Day event is a beacon of hope and progress in the realm of inclusive education. It reflects our deep-rooted belief that understanding and embracing diversity strengthens the fabric of our educational community. As the ECAE continues to champion inclusivity, it remains committed to ensuring that the educational system evolves to meet the diverse needs of its learners.”

The conference featured a series of enriching sessions aimed at addressing various aspects of inclusion and education for students with ASD. The conference included an exploration into the daily life of an inclusion expert, shedding light on the importance of the work of these educators in the lives of students of determination. The event also highlighted a research surrounding inclusion challenges in kindergarten and Cycle 1 education, providing attendees with evidence-based insights into overcoming challenges.

An exemplary model of inclusive practices implemented in a school setting was shared offering a blueprint for replication across educational institutions. The importance of learning support assistant training was also underscored, highlighting its role in supporting students with autism. The conference concluded with sessions by a teacher and students with ASD, sharing their experiences and perspectives on inclusion.

The discussions aimed to enrich the knowledge of participants and foster a collaborative atmosphere for sharing best practices and innovative solutions. The event aimed to underscore ECAE’s role in leading the charge towards an educational future where all students are supported.