As part of Abu Dhabi University’s (ADU) efforts to integrate the latest technologies into its academic experience, the university has inaugurated the first academic quantum lab in the emirate in partnership with Vernewell Group. 

The lab serves as a collaborative hub for students, researchers and experts to explore quantum technologies, exchange knowledge and gain innovative skills by tackling complex challenges that transcend the limits of classical computations. Among the diverse array of captivating pursuits, the lab delves into quantum encryption, optimisations, quantum block chain and other cutting-edge domains.

The quantum lab was inaugurated in the presence of Professor Ghassan Aouad, Chancellor of ADU, Professor Montasir Qasymeh, Electrical Engineering professor at ADU, Malak Trabelsi Loeb, Managing Director of Vernewell Group and Dr Rabie Mahmoud, Quantum Cryptography expert at Vernewell Academy, as well as senior leaders from ADU and Vernewell Group.

The lab is an integral part of the visionary DARQ Hub, a collaborative learning and innovation centre; in which students, faculty and staff members will use as an innovative incubator to foster creation, patenting and commercialisation of revolutionary solutions in the DARQ tech sphere, including quantum computing. The lab aims to advance the quantum education and research landscape in the region, while providing learning experiences to prepare the next generation of professionals with the skills required in the quantum era.

Professor Ghassan Auoad, Chancellor of ADU, said: “The quantum lab signifies a remarkable step in the realm of quantum technologies. Through this lab, we aim to offer top-notch resources and tools to our students, faculty members and the wider UAE community to elevate our everyday technologies and pave the way for an innovative future. At ADU, we are committed to fostering innovation in the latest technologies including quantum mechanics and prepare our students for the fast moving developments of the future.”

Malak Trabelsi Loeb, Managing Director of Vernewell Group, said: “Vernewell is privileged to be inspired by the visionary leadership of the UAE, a beacon of innovation and we believe that quantum computing holds the key to unlocking limitless possibilities for our world. In alignment with the UAE's forward thinking vision, Vernewell is dedicated to driving progress in this transformative field.

“Our partnership with Abu Dhabi University exemplifies our commitment to advancing quantum education and fostering a highly skilled workforce. Together, we aim to shape a future where the true potential of quantum computing is harnessed, empowering individuals and propelling industries forward. Through this partnership, we are honoured to contribute to the UAE's vision of technological leadership and a brighter future for all.”

Through the partnership with Vernewell, ADU seeks to boast SpinQ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Triangulum Mini and NMR Gemini Mini Quantum Computers. The portable devices grant students and researchers access to quantum computing technologies dedicated to education. By offering quantum science education, ADU aims to ensure that students gain practical knowledge and skills in quantum algorithms, circuit design and quantum cryptography.

The SpinQ NMR Triangulum Mini is a three-qubit quantum computer based on NMR technology, offering students the opportunity to explore complex quantum algorithms such as quantum Fourier transform and Grover search algorithm. Where the NMR Gemini Mini is a two-qubit quantum computing system with a touch interface that enables students to learn about customised quantum circuits with built-in quantum computing courses covering fundamental concepts and advanced topics. The portable nature of the NMR Gemini Mini can be connected to other NMR quantum computers to create a quantum computer network.