The Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET), with the support and sponsorship of the Sheikh Zayed Festival, is organising the public competition programme, Skills, which will launched during Ramadan.

The programme will be broadcasted on various channels of the Abu Dhabi Media Network, aiming to develop and empower youth with future skills as well as raise awareness among youth and the community about the importance of technical specialties in the job market. The programme will offer daily distinctive prizes for both the attendees and those watching remotely.

The skills competitions, driven by the rapid progress in diverse technical fields worldwide, aims to showcase the talents of young individuals, enhance their skills, offer an interactive competition platform, and draw their interest towards fields like engineering, technology, electrical, mechanical, programming and design.

The Skills programme is the first of its kind in the region, focusing on testing the technical skills and presenting engaging challenges to the youth. It serves as an inspiration, with participants engaging in three distinct technical skills every week and receiving daily evaluations from leading experts in the field, judging their performance.

The Skills programme will be held daily at Al Qana and the programme gives an opportunity to win valuable prizes to the participants, attendees and voters. The audience, both present during the programme's episodes and watching remotely, will have the opportunity to win a daily prize of AED2,000 and a grand prize of AED30,000 weekly. This will be through lucky draws conducted during the programme for the voters who predict the winners of the competitions.

The programme will announce daily, at the beginning of its episodes, the names, and pictures of the participants in the competitions. Daily draws will be held over six days for voters who correctly predict the winner in each of the three skills to win a cash reward of AED2,000. On the seventh day, a weekly draw will be held with a grand prize of AED30,000 for the voters who correctly predict the final winner. 

The Skills programme will also provide the audience with the opportunity to participate and win valuable prizes by answering questions posed to them during the episode. These questions consist of 10 technical questions directed at the audience, offering them the chance to win valuable prizes. The programme will offer the audience an opportunity to experience some real-world technical skills in an distinctive technical atmosphere. During the first week of the programme, participants will compete in three skills, including Automobile Technology, Aircraft Maintenance, and Industrial Control. The competitions in the second week will involve Autonomous Mobile Robotics, Electrical Installations, and Graphic Design Technology. For the third week, participants will engage in competitions related to Mechanical Engineering CAD, CNC Turning and CNC Milling. For the fourth and final week, the competitions will cover Painting and Decoration, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and Healthcare and Social Care.

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience and learn various technical skills through the Tyr-a-skill zones. This area will provide visitors with hands-on experience and learning in 3D printing, virtual welding, virtual car painting, assembling electronic products, designing, building, and equipping a smart home, as well as changing car tyres.