Silal has launched a blockchain-powered feature allowing consumers to trace the lifecycle of food from farm to fork, maintaining customers' trust and meeting the highest transparency standards.

Using the new traceability service is as simple as scanning the QR code of a Silal Fresh product through the Silal App. This traces the journey of crops, assuring users that the data appearing on their screen is credible.

This move is a milestone towards achieving food credibility, gaining customers' trust and loyalty.

Enhancing food chain transparency is important for companies to ensure consumers of the quality of their products and to sustain efficient supply in the market, prevent foodborne illnesses, and detect the source of a problem in the event of an outbreak.

Knowing the source of food is essential for good health and wellbeing, which drove Silal to exert efforts to give full access to explore the origins of Silal Fresh products.

Through its traceability project, Silal aims to create a resilient supply chain system that advances agricultural goals and sustainable practices.