ADQ has announced the formation of Arcera, a global holding company in the life sciences sector headquartered in Abu Dhabi, which aims to be a leader in addressing and mitigating healthcare challenges by offering products that improve the quality and longevity of human life.

Consolidating ADQ’s existing assets in the sector, the establishment of Arcera builds a global life sciences hub set to make significant contributions aligning with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 in the healthcare and life sciences sector and bolster the UAE to emerge as a global frontrunner in science and technology.

ADQ’s shareholdings in three companies have been transferred to Arcera: Acino International (Acino), a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland with origins dating back to 1836 and manufacturing sites in five countries, as well as commercial operations across four continents that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of medicines internationally; Birgi Mefar Group (BMG), one of Türkiye’s largest sterile production service companies specialising in the manufacturing of sterile injectables and glass packaging, in addition to pharmaceutical distribution services; and Amoun Pharmaceutical Company (Amoun), a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer headquartered in Egypt specialised in the development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and export of a wide range of human pharmaceutical and animal health products.

With a combined workforce of more than 6,500 people and sales and distribution in more than 90 countries across four continents, Arcera aims to offer groundbreaking solutions that foster longer and healthier lives.

Arcera offers 2,000 branded medicines across a wide range of therapeutic areas, addressing numerous acute and chronic conditions covering neurology, gastroenterology, cardiovascular, pain relief and rheumatology and anti-infectives. The company’s robust manufacturing and packaging base encompasses seven sites in the UAE, Switzerland, Ukraine, Estonia, South Africa, Türkiye and Egypt.

Supported by Acino’s legacy and strong growth track record over the past years, Arcera is planning to double its revenue over the next five years through value-accretive strategic acquisitions in key markets globally and forging high-impact global partnerships.

By positioning itself as the preferred partner in Abu Dhabi for top-tier academic institutions and leading pharmaceutical companies, Arcera is committed to spearheading groundbreaking advancements that address the needs of communities in the region and beyond.

Leveraging advanced technologies and robust research and development capabilities in the UAE, Arcera is working to attract and nurture top-tier talent in Abu Dhabi to accelerate human-centric innovation and foster an environment for industrial, commercial, and clinical breakthroughs.

Complementing this focus is Arcera's dedication to driving organic growth, bolstering its product portfolio in areas of increasing need and demand, as well as creating value for its companies through centralised capabilities such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and disruptive digital capabilities.

Isabel Afonso has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Arcera. She brings extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector to the role, as well as proven expertise in transformation and global expansion, acquired through 18 years of leadership in a top-tier pharmaceutical company, as well as an additional eight years of management roles in other industries, including MedTech.

Hamad Al Hammadi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ADQ, said: “By consolidating our life sciences companies under one umbrella, Arcera signifies a strategic evolution, unlocking substantial portfolio value and reinforcing our commitment to innovation, globalisation and digitisation, which are key growth levers in this industry. As a unified force, Arcera is positioned to be a significant contributor to Abu Dhabi's life sciences sector, reflecting our unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes through groundbreaking solutions while aligning with the emirate's diversification goals.”

Isabel Afonso, Chief Executive Officer of Arcera, said: “The growing need for high-quality and effective medicines lends tremendous importance to building a global life sciences company like Arcera. Arcera enables its businesses to accelerate growth plans and enhance integration, as well as further expand and develop capabilities. We are pursuing bold ambitions and work towards becoming a leading global life sciences company that fosters longer and healthier lives while creating value. It is a great honour to be trusted to lead Arcera.”

Arcera's brand name is a fusion of 'arc' and 'era', symbolising upward momentum and longevity. This choice reflects the company's vision to emerge as a leading global player in the life sciences industry.