As part of the Abu Dhabi Local Content’s (ADLC) 2020 performance report, an amount of 159 local companies, holding In-Country Value (ICV) certificates of the Abu Dhabi Local Content (ADLC) program, have won 152 tenders, by 17 local government entities in Abu Dhabi during 2020, with a total value of about AED 4.6 billion.

These results were announced as part of the ADLC programs 2020 performance report issued by ADDED’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), which comes as part of the Department’s economic stimulus initiatives to support the private sector through the Abu Dhabi’s accelerator programme ‘Ghadan 21.’

The report also indicated that 3,238 companies had obtained the ICV certificates in Abu Dhabi by the end of 2020. The ADLC program was applied to 1,517 government tenders, with a total value of AED 24 billion.

ADDED indicated that MOUs have been signed, with a number of government companies, in order to implement the programme in their tenders during 2021. ADLC programme aims to direct the government spending towards local economic development by encouraging procurement procedures that priorities local companies. This reflects the Abu Dhabi Government’s continued keenness to carry out its operational programs during this year and promote partnership between the public and private sectors.

H.E. Rashid Abdul Karim Al Balooshi, Undersecretary of ADDED, stressed the vital role of the ADLC program in boosting the GDP of Abu Dhabi, as well as the development of human capital and, creating new job opportunities for citizens within the private sector. He also indicated that the programme’s positive indicators clearly reflect the development of domestic workforce skills and drive the knowledge-based economy wheel in the emirate.

HE said: “Thanks to the integrated cooperation and coordination with a number of the Department’s strategic partners in Abu Dhabi, we managed to achieve the operational objectives of ADLC program, which were set by Abu Dhabi Executive Council in its decision issued in April 2020.”

Since the beginning of the ADLC programme, the tenders awarded to the national and local companies belonging to 17 government entities in Abu Dhabi, include:

• Municipality of Abu Dhabi and Municipality of Al Dhafra, with a total of 42 tenders,
• Musanada, with a total of 23 tenders.
• Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority with a total of 19 tenders,
• Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Zoo and Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain with a total of 12 tenders
• Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), General Administration of Customs in Abu Dhabi, and Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) with a total of 20 tenders, as well as
• Other tenders related to the government entities’ procurement across the emirate.

On the other hand, H.E. Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, Executive Director of IDB, commended the joint cooperation and coordination between ADDED and its strategic local partners which made the implementation of the ADLC programme a success, indicating the positive performance indicators and results of the program’s report for 2020.

H.E. Al Mansouri reiterated the Department’s continuing efforts to implement programs and initiatives that enhance Abu Dhabi’s economic competitiveness and added value. He highlighted IDB’s commitment to continue its coordination work with various government entities in the emirate, by further improving the ADLC program’s mechanisms that would render the highest level of benefit for its participants and ensure continued success. As well as promoting the local companies’ contribution to the GDP of Abu Dhabi.

Al Mansour, said: “The ADLC program provides complete support to citizens, through more job and training opportunities, and it supports investors, by helping increase the chances of ICV certified private companies to win government tenders. This will have a positive impact on the local economy, as it builds trust on local supply chains and increases domestic investments when securing procurement for products and services.”

It is also noted that the ADLC program falls under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi’s accelerator programme ‘Ghadan 21’, which aims to boost the emirate’s GDP, increase Emiratisation rates in the private sector by setting a minimum percentage of Emiratisation in companies holding ICV certificates. As well as promoting knowledge-based economy and adoption of technology.

In this context, private companies wishing to benefit from this program should get their financial statements approved by ADDED’s licensed certification bodies in the emirate. As they can obtain their ICV certificates, present them to government entities that participate in the ADLC programme, which they apply to various bids evaluation within their tenders.