Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) has inaugurated a veterinary educational hospital at Jordan University of Science and Technology. This 7,000 square-meter facility is the first of its kind in Jordan, which is also the biggest in the region, aimed at keeping pace with global developments in veterinary medicine, enhancing educational standards, and promoting public awareness about veterinary care.

The project is valued at AED 26 million and financed by ADFD from the grant allocated by the UAE in 2012 to Jordan, through the Gulf Development Fund, which amounted to AED 4.6 billion. It was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Bishr Al Khasawneh, Prime Minister of Jordan, in presence of Her Excellency Zeina Touqan, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation in Jordan, Faisal Al Zeyoudi, Charge D’Affaires of the UAE Embassy in Jordan,  Dr. Khalid El Salem,  President of Jordan University of Science and Technology; Dr Myassar Alekish, Director of the veterinary educational hospital, and several other dignitaries.

His Excellency Mohamed Saif Al Suwaidi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, expressed delight at the project’s opening, underlining its significance in enhancing the education sector’s capabilities and providing advanced scientific training opportunities in the country. “The Fund has a distinguished strategic partnership with the Jordanian government since 1974. The opening of the faculty of veterinary medicine affiliated with Jordan University of Science and Technology represents a qualitative leap in the development of the education sector.”

He emphasised that this strategic project aimed to benefit university students and the local community. “It will offer advanced scientific training opportunities to students of the College of Veterinary Medicine, preparing them for future employment opportunities. Additionally, the educational hospital will provide therapeutic care for livestock, thereby supporting food security initiatives,” he added, underlining the importance of this project in achieving its strategic objectives to promote sustainable development in Jordan.

Her Excellency Zeina Touqan said: "The veterinary educational hospital at the University of Science and Technology is a key project dedicated to preserving livestock in Jordan. This strategic initiative received support from the UAE, facilitated by Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, which plays a significant role in assisting the Jordanian government and facilitating the implementation of its development programs. These efforts aim to promote a comprehensive economic and social development for the country.”

Dr. Khaled Al Salem,President of the University of Science and Technology, expressed pride in the project’s completion, highlighting its role in advancing education in the country. “We are proud to have established the veterinary educational hospital, overseen by our university staff and supported by Abu Dhabi Fund for Development. This project has helped us achieve our development goals, particularly by providing an ideal environment equipped with the latest devices, tools, and laboratories, ensuring our students receive quality education,” he said.

The project features different veterinary medical departments and specialized clinics. Additionally, infrastructure was developed and service facilities were provided as part of the project."

ADFD has been a key contributor to Jordan’s development, financing projects across vital sectors such as renewable energy, transport, healthcare and education, with investments totaling approximately AED6.5 billion (US$1.7 billion).