Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) will launch the world’s first Parenthood: The Unconference at Yas Island’s Etihad Arena from 2 - 4 November 2022. Ground-breaking in format and content, the event will help redefine and elevate the crucial role parents and the wider family unit play in raising healthy and thriving children.

Parenthood: The Unconference forms part of ADEK’s broader mission to prioritize and enhance parental engagement and involvement for child success.

The event aims to foster a global dialogue to better equip parents facing new and critical challenges in a world where traditional guideposts have disappeared, and previous rulebooks no longer apply. Offering an enriching program that covers all stages of parenting for early childhood to tweens and adolescence across 5 themes (Identity, New Perspectives, Development, Wellbeing and Early Childhood), visitors will gain access to new and reimagined learning opportunities that can help them become better individuals, spouses, and caregivers.

HE Sara Awadh Issa Musallam, Minister of State for Early Education, Chairperson of the Federal Authority for Early Education and Chairperson of ADEK explains: “The launch of Parenthood: The Unconference in Abu Dhabi underscores the commitment of our leadership to improve the state of education, with a focus on future generations. To achieve this, we cannot overlook the essential role of parents and their extended support circles – the aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends who become part of the family – because it really does take a village to raise a child. Parental support influences children’s levels of confidence and motivation and plays a huge role in their interest in school and their pursuit of goals. That is why we champion parental engagement to ensure it is an integral part of education improvement efforts for all learners”.

“Through Parenthood: The Unconference, we will catalyse an important global conversation that seeks to enhance the positive relationship between schools, parents and students. This event will bring together the world’s foremost experts to share their latest perspectives on child development and parenting. It’s an opportunity to connect, exchange, and learn from each other. By impacting current and future parenting practices, we hope to generate opportunities for a future in which children everywhere thrive and interact positively with the world around them.”

According to UNICEF, - the United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide - positive parenting and family support is vital for giving children the best start in life, setting a foundation for healthy development, lifelong learning and social cohesion. UNICEF has confirmed its support and participation in the event as official Knowledge Partner.

Delivered over three highly interactive days, Parenthood: The Unconference will provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn from more than 60 leading international, regional and local experts, as well as each other, during a series of engaging sessions, keynote talks, panel discussions, immersive experiences, hands-on workshops and networking.

Featured speakers include the acclaimed clinical psychologist and Oprah-endorsed parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary, a three-times New York Times bestselling author whose integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy offers a ground-breaking approach to mindful living and parenting. Click here for the full speaker line-up.

Sessions will allow visitors to build an event experience specific to their needs and interests and ticket packages are accessible and flexible: The Platinum Pass for AED 810 includes access to 21 talks and 3 keynotes; The Gold Pass for AED 585 includes 14 talks and 2 keynotes; while the Silver Pass for AED 320 includes 7 sessions and 1 keynote. Individual session passes are set at AED 50 for expert talks and AED 100 for keynotes.

All packaged passes will be on offer with special early bird rates. As a non-profit event, all proceeds will be donated to charity.

 To attend or find out more, visit: parenthooduc.com.