The Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE) has rolled out an innovative program to support educational leadership capacity-building in the UAE.

Designed and delivered by leading experts in educational leadership from ECAE, ‘The Educational Leadership Capacity Building in the UAE’ program aims to develop a group of educational leaders capable of promoting capacity building, and developing effective instructional and assessment systems.

The program will help educational leaders including cluster managers, principals and vice principals to expand knowledge, skills, dispositions and understanding of a range of effective educational leadership approaches in practice for promoting school improvement.

Dr. May Laith Al Taee, Vice Chancellor, Emirates College for Advanced Education, said: “Our latest educational leadership program aims to build competent school leaders who are ready to meet the ever‐increasing responsibilities of the rapidly changing school environments in the UAE. The program is an important step towards enabling a high-performing education system focused on preparing our students to meet the country’s future needs.”

The program will be delivered to 260 candidates in a total of 35 sessions spanning 105 hours. It consists of 12 modules covering Principles and Practices of Educational Leadership, Leading Development of a School Vision: The Moral Purpose of the School, Leading Effective Teaching & Learning in Schools, Leading Effective Assessment in Schools, Leading Effective Curriculum Development in Schools, and Leading and Promoting Positive School Climate and Behavior.

Other modules include Leading Development of the School as a Learning Community: Building Internal and External Relations, Leading the School as an Inclusive Ethical Community, Managing School Operational Systems, Managing Financial & Human Resource in Schools, Interacting with the External Environment, and Leading Whole School Improvement: Smart School Improvement.

As part of its vision to lead educational transformation in the UAE and beyond, ECAE offers an array of graduate programs and shorter professional development courses that incorporate the latest pedagogical approaches and international instructional best practices, providing teachers and aspiring educators with career-long professional learning opportunities.