The Department of Community Development has launched the Sports for All policy that aims to promote physical activity and encourage members of society to practice all kinds of sports.

The policy also seeks to establish basic standards to enhance community involvement in sports activities by identifying challenges that hinder certain members of society from participating in such activities. Additionally, it strives to find solutions to these challenges in collaboration with relevant authorities to safeguard individuals' right to engage in sports, while also recognising and promoting traditional sports.

All sports entities in the emirate, including those responsible for organising sports events and managing their venues, technical specialists in the field of sports, sports professionals, and all individuals employed in the sports sector in Abu Dhabi, are subject to the policy.

His Excellency Mohamed Helal Al Balooshi, Executive Director of the Community Engagement and Sports Sector at the Department of Community Development, said: “Maintaining a healthy and active community is one of the most important priorities for the Department of Community Development and the social sector agenda. Therefore, we are dedicated to developing our policies and programmes to consolidate the principles of both physical and mental wellbeing. Sports play a fundamental role in achieving this and so the Sports for All policy has been introduced to inspire members of society to embrace an active lifestyle and engage in a diverse range of sports activities.

“Sports are among the community activities that foster community integration and cohesion among members of society. Through the Sports for All policy, we aim to make sporting activities available to all segments and individuals of society without discrimination, and to encourage groups that might be less active, such as the elderly, to actively engage in sports and community activities. Through this policy, we also aim to streamline the work of specialised agencies and clubs and support them in organising successful and purposeful sports events.”

Mohamed Helal Al Balooshi encouraged all members of society to embrace an active lifestyle and engage in regular sports activities and appealed to sports authorities to adopt a policy of sports for all, and uphold moral standards and values during the practice and organisation of sports activities.

The Sports for All policy is dedicated to establishing equality in the right to engage in sports, ensuring that all members of society enjoy the same right to participate in sports activities and access sports facilities and events.

DCD is committed to coordinating with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and other relevant stakeholders to raise the level of sports participation across all segments of society, with a focus on supporting groups that need special support and enabling them to practice physical activity and sports easily.