Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) has launched “Challenges Platform” as a part of online Ideas Centre to receive innovative ideas and utilise them to find innovative solutions to organisational challenges, by engaging Abu Dhabi Police staff, partners and community members to help develop police work process, as part of ADP’s continuous endeavours to promote sustainable innovation and future foresight.

Colonel Khalfan Abdullah Al-Mansoori, Director of the Strategy and Institutional Development Center, stated that the platform launch has come out of ADP’s belief in the importance of enhancing creativity, innovation and future readiness. “‘Challenges Platform’ is one of the innovation tools that aim to direct ideas towards current and future organisational challenges and opportunities, ultimately identifying the best innovative solutions. Abu Dhabi Police hopes that all segments of society (staff, customers, partners, suppliers and community members) will participate in providing good ideas for development and improvement of security and policing operations. Abu Dhabi Police, through this platform, will introduce policing and security challenges and request various stakeholders to suggest appropriate solutions to such challenges as part of Abu Dhabi Police efforts to raise its readiness constantly and to maintain its position as a world leader in sustainable security and safety.”

The Challenges Platform is also interactive; it allows participants to vote electronically to identify the ideas they favour more.

All segments of society can access this online platform by registering through the Suggestion Link on the Abu Dhabi Police website or smart app. Abu Dhabi Police staff and can access this platform through Self Service System or the intranet.

After accessing the platform, participants can select the relevant challenge and provide their suggested ideas for a solution, after reading the available information about the challenge and the efforts of ADP to tackle them, as this information will help participants to provide more effective and efficient solutions.