The Abu Dhabi Center for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care – Ewaa and Zayed University have signed a partnership to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing in various fields, with a primary focus on combatting all kinds of violence and tackling human rights-related challenges.

The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Her Excellency Noura Al Kaabi, UAE Minister of State and President of Zayed University, along with representatives from both parties. Her Excellency Sarah Shuhail, Director-General of Ewaa, and Michael Allan, Acting Vice-President of Zayed University, signed the agreement, cementing their commitment to the partnership.

Through the partnership, Ewaa and Zayed University will engage in joint research and studies, participate in conferences, forums and training programmes to enhance their capabilities and efficiency. They will also explore opportunities to launch prevention and awareness initiatives, as well as establish a system for transferring violence and abuse cases to the relevant authorities.

Under the agreement, Ewaa will receive and oversee Zayed University students who seek to pursue work experience. This component will fulfil the graduation criteria for students enrolled in programmes encompassing social work, psychology, social innovation, applied behaviour, and various other disciplines.

The centre will also develop and conduct workshops, courses and lectures specifically addressing domestic violence and child abuse for Zayed University staff and students. It will tap into the distribution of awareness booklets and videos during collaborative lectures and workshops, as well as actively engage in university-organised events, programmes, activities, and international days dedicated to combatting and raising awareness of all kinds of violence.

Zayed University will organise workshops and seminars to support Ewaa in various fields, including knowledge management, innovation, quality assurance, institutional excellence, strategic planning and future foresight. It will contribute to developing training materials for Ewaa, particularly in specialised areas such as accredited professional courses.

Leveraging its educational experiences and faculty expertise, Zayed University will deliver lectures and workshops on knowledge and innovation, focussing on technical, administrative, and leadership practices within the centre. Zayed University will also contribute its educational expertise and resources to develop accredited professional courses and the formulation of scientific research policies. The collaboration will enhance Ewaa's capabilities in research, knowledge dissemination and professional development.

The agreement covers the university's role in supporting the Ewaa Ambassadors initiative, which was recently launched on the university campus. The initiative aims to enhance community awareness by building the educational capacities of higher education students in fields related to all kinds of all kinds of violence and human rights-related topics.