Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi (SCAD) has released the results of Reading Opinion Poll 2022 which show an increasing interest of developing reading habit over the past three years from 38% to more than 55% in 2022 and 79% of population prefer reading online.

According to the poll results, 92% of the population think that Abu Dhabi government entities have done their part in instilling the culture of reading. In 2022, the average number of reading hours devoted to performing work tasks reached 20 hours per month, while the average leisure reading time reached 25 hours per month.

In this context, His Excellency Ahmed Mahmoud Fikri, the Director General of SCAD, said this opinion poll is launched following the declaration of 2016 as the “Year of Reading” by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, to foster culture of reading as a source of knowledge and information. The opinion poll, which covers Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra, highlights reading interests and preferred topics.

His Excellency said: “Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi is keen to support national initiatives through statistical indicators that provide accurate information on community views. These indicators help decision-makers in drawing plans and policies to achieve the vision and directives of the wise leadership in Abu Dhabi.”

According to the poll results, 61% of the respondents who do not read regularly said they do not have enough time to develop a reading habit, 51% stated that they cannot read regularly due to work stress, 22% noted they have no suitable atmosphere to develop a reading habit, while 19% consider reading is not their hobby, and 10% pointed that the preferred reading materials are not available.

The poll showed that 79% of respondents prefer reading from the internet, while more than half of the population consider print books still among the preferred source for reading.

In the same context, nearly nine out of ten people see that the best place to read is at home, representing 92% of the respondents.

This year, the Reading Month is held under the theme: ‘UAE Reads’ as part of the ongoing efforts made by government entities to motivate the community to read with the aim of transforming reading into a daily habit.