Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC) has launched a special new initiative to provide 50 grants for Emirati publishers to support them publishing or translating 50 books in 2022 – the UAE’s Year of the 50th.

The Bridges to Publishing in the Year of the 50th initiative was announced at the 12th edition of the Al Ain Book Fair (AABF), which is currently taking place at Zayed Central Library until 30 September, and forms part of ALC’s contribution to the celebrations for the UAE’s Golden Jubilee year.

The grants are aimed at enriching local libraries with diverse and distinguished publications, in line with the major trends that have underpinned the UAE's development in the last 50 years. The initiative also seeks to focus on certain specialties and modern science to which the UAE makes significant contributions globally. In addition to promoting the publishing and translating of books, including audible and electronic, in the UAE,  the Bridges to Publishing in the Year of the 50th  initiative will also extend professional and financial support to local publishing houses.

HE Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Chairman of the ALC, said: “From the heart of Al Ain Book Fair, we are celebrating Emirati cultural heritage over the past 50 years, with the Bridges to Publishing in the Year of the 50th initiative launched to highlight the UAE's major future trends in the fields of future studies, space science, and renewable energy. It also reflects the continuous efforts of Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre to support local publishing houses.”

The Bridges to Publishing in the Year of the 50th initiative is the outcome of merging the ‘Spotlight on Rights’ and ‘Jusoor or Bridges’ programmes, which were launched in 2009 and 2010. The integration of these two programmes aims to strengthen Arabic content across all segments of society, through translations of books into Arabic or by transforming publications into readable and audible e-books.

Mouza Al Shamsi, Acting Executive Director of ALC, said: “After the selection of 300 books to be supported as part of the ‘Spotlight on Rights’ programme, it is now our pleasure to launch this initiative as a platform to support local publishing houses. It will provide grants for books  and translations that focus on the UAE's strategies and vital projects, in addition to establishing bridges that will enrich Arabic content across the local and Arab publishing world.”

The Bridges to Publishing in the Year of the 50th initiative covers three segments: writing, research and studies; translations; and readable and audible e-books. In the first segment, ALC will work with local publishing houses on specialised studies and research that highlights the UAE's experience and foundations of success. In the second, future studies' translations will be published, with priority given to the studies that discuss the UAE as a model of research, analysis, and comparison. The third segment includes transforming the dedicated-for-youth books in various categories into readable and audible e-books.

Through this new initiative, ALC aims to promote intellectual rights in the Arab world, support local and Arab publishers, enrich Arabic content, and foster the Centre's strategic goals of reviving the Arabic language, and pioneer its position in cultural and creative fields.