Creative agency for two campaigns

Brief Description

Development of two campaigns to promote Abu Dhabi as a city of limitless possibilities, and an environment that enables every individual to thrive and achieve their ambitions.

Campaign key objectives:

  • Establish high awareness levels amongst stakeholders of the strategic objectives of the campaign
  • Ensure the program is understood by the target audience
  • Drive active engagement (on-ground and online)

Find Wonder:

An international FDI campaign to communicate Abu Dhabi as one of the world’s best places to live, do business, invest, work and visit. The campaign is focused on FDI, encouraging entrepreneurs, businesses and highly skilled workers to consider Abu Dhabi. The campaign soft launched in December 2019 and was paused later in 2020 due to the pandemic.


Target markets: UAE, MENA, UK, France, Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea, China (market roll out will be in phases, with APAC phased in at a later date)

Abu Dhabi Community Campaign (name to be confirmed):

A multi-year cross-government campaign for citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi, promoting a programme of government initiatives that enable human potential, and empower power to achieve their ambitions.

Target markets: UAE


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